Friday, February 10, 2012


Today without a doubt has been the hardest day of my new diet/exercise plan. First of all, the hunger has haunted me through out the entire day. Correction , its not hunger , the urge to stick something deliciously satisfying [insert dirty joke here] in my mouth. I cannot stop thinking of fatty foods , every single type of candy (especially chocolate) and every type of carbohydrate that is covered in delish cheese. I honesly have no idea how i havent cheated yet., ITS SO TEMPTING.  I guess i havent because i have a chip on my shoulder about the loss of opportunities ive come upon because of my weight. I hope i keep the chip there so that i remain strong. I honestly , am so motivated to reach this goal! i dont think i have EVER i mean ever have been "fit" "skinny" or even just not chubby. Im excited to live life as the " HOT " girl rather than the "cute" girl. ( with my luck ill still be "cute" ) . workout was another nightmare, that lasted 45 minutes but felt like 50000 yeears!!!!!!!!!! i was so ready to get the FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK out of there. lol life of chubster is not EASY!

*end whine #1*

On another note at work i came across shit load of things guest say/do that bug the shit out of me.. i shall vent now!
  • Cut me off as i do my usual operator speech as i pick up the phone
  • ask me if we carry a certain collection that has been announced even on the news as sold out!
  • return items not hung
  • return items hung incorrectly (wrong hanger and size)
  • ask the the price of an item when it is stated on the tag with BOLD letters!
  • ask if the lane is open when the "OPEN " lane light is CLEARLY ON!
  • let their children run free like its the park
  • try on the same item same size just in 6 different colors/prints
  • ask me where the fitting room is when they are obviously there and theres GIANT letters over it saying " FITTING ROOM"
  • hang things backs inside out and twisted
  • unfold every color of a shirt just to "see" it. 
  • leave their unwanted items anywhere
  • call me back after being placed on hold just to say " you hung up on me" 
  • knock out racks or items with their cart and continue shopping
  • ask me to fetch an item for them because theyre tired to get it themselves
  • talk to me like its my fault THEY forgot their items before leaving
HOLY MOLY i can keep going! BUT i will never end.. 
what do people to that BUG you??? where did peoples' manners and common sense go? what a shameee!!!!!


  1. lol best post so far. People are just dumb sometimes :/ I get them a lot at Marshalls too.

  2. I noticed you said "guests" and not customers. Do you work for Disney? I use to work at Disney World and I had to learn to use guests not customers.

  3. hahah i worked for the disney store , but where i work now we use that term too. its just a better word haha