Monday, February 13, 2012


I cannot believe its been a week since i started this diet! And it showed that just a bit of work and dedication it can be done! i lost 5.5 lbs! guys thats a really big deal for me . :D 19.5 to go! :D

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
and talking about love , Tomorrow is Valentines Day ! I sadly work but i will be taking 5 1/2 dozen cupcakes to my lovely target coworkers! <3 i hope they enjoy them . I had fun decorating but i accidently /compulsively licked my hand covered with sugary frosting, lol whooops!!! oh well...  

  On the subject of love!
i would like to let everyone out there who feels lonely and sad because they are single in this day of "LOVE" please remember that love comes in many many shapes and forms . Remember we have some sort of love to celebrate! love to you parents, love for your family and friends, love for you career,love for you new way of life, love for  yourself. It all counts! and for those who feel lonely , remember we arent alone! we all have someone who cares and something we care about. Yes, this holiday may be "silly" but honestly if taken seriously love is a VERY important thing to celebrate!
where would this world be if there wasnt even a little bit!? 
I hope everyone enjoys their valentines day! <3


  1. I so agree. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. I know your love will surprise you at some point.I'll be having dinner with my wonderful hubby tomorrow at our favorite restaurant.

  2. <3 have a good one kelly!
    youre the best!