Monday, February 20, 2012

Expect more ... PAY LESS!

Expect More ... Pay Less. That's target's motto & honestly i think its right on, & i don't just say it because i work there. I love the place. All items are decently priced and once in a while you find a good "Online Only" or "Clearance" items. I found a few. =]

The first item i found was a Shimmer strips custom enhancing mascara due for GREEN eyes from physicians formula
Its a double mascara with a typical black side and a FUN lime green color for a pop of color and eye color enhancing.

A  swatch of the mascaras

Both brushes are the synthetic plastic mascara wands with small bristles (which I'm not a fan of)
the black color wand is much bigger which i love. 
The formula is really thick for both colors and can apply a bit clumpy  ( i don't mind clumpy lashes so it doesn't bug me )but if done carefully it shouldn't be a problem to remove clumps.
Its just a bit of extra work.
The 3 looks recommended are all fun 
but in my opinion the 1st "fun" look with just the green is a bit silly . Maybe for St.Patrick's Day or for costume but i would never  wear this alone.
The 2nd look is a typical black look .Nothing to say there other than I'm glad i have the option.
the last look is a combined look that recommends to apply the black under and highlight the lashes with the green to get a fun dramatic look.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. and it indeed makes the little it of green i have in my eyes pop ! :D
(BTW I don't have green eyes , mine are hazel)
Overall the mascara is okay. my lashes look full but not much longer the colors do their job of making the color pop and for getting it at 30%+ my 10% employee discount. I'm not complaining. 
I definitely recommend this mascara if you need fullness and would like a pop of color to your mascara. 

The second item was the H.i.P Studio Secrets , HIGH INTENSITY Pigments BY L'OREAL
In color 918, RESTLESS
( The color is a rich iridescent champagne color with a hint of pink) 
The size of the product is quite portable , i actually sometimes find i cant find it in my bag because its quite small.
The brush is also a good portable size and it fits perfectly in my makeup bag without taking up alot of space.
It isn't the best brush in the world but it does its job .
I absolutely love this color of highlight under the eyebrow and of course the inter eye area . 
i might even use it for cheeks and nose for a pretty glow when i do fairy characters.
(for those who don't know i do children's birthday parties as well as cosplay so i do alot of character makeup )
The color applies quite well and its very build able . I love that in a shadow because i have more control as to how much i put on. Sometimes stronger colors are a pain because with one tap you can look like a clown if you don't have control. 
I love it. most likely will become part of my daily makeup routine.
you get 0.05oz (1.5 grams)

the last item i found was a H.i.P Color Truth Cream Eyeliner BY L'OREAL
In color 945,TEAL
This product is a very creamy cream liner .
This color is  a pretty dark teal with shimmer of the same shade.
The color transfers pretty well and you don't need much product.
It glides on very smoothly and creamy. 
The brush isn't my favorite , it actually kind of scratches when and so i use a angled eyeliner from Sephora.
The sizing is pretty good but the pot looks like you are getting more product than u actually get. There is alot of extra bottling. 
kind of deceiving but if you read the size of the product you shouldn't be shocked right?
it actually has 0.15 oz (4.5 grams ) of product which is pretty good for 5.34 :D 
I absolutely love this shade and i think its a great way to add color with out going all crazy with shadow.
plus its so easy to handle its kind of hard to mess up which is a super plus when you aren't so good at lining .
definitely a good way to start with colored liner ,if you aren't used to it.

I actually really liked these items and I'm so happy i found them while i was wandering the aisles like a dork during my break
AND for those of you Jason Woo fans.
I'm about to make you jello.
I found me this baby
for a price i wont say because i might get murdered for.
ALL I can say is i got lucky :D 
i like to think it was meant to be.

Other than that today was great, work was blah but workout was good minus the fact that my knee is KILLING ME!
OH AND ...
Weight loss for week 2:2 lbs
total loss: 7 lbs
I think I'm doing good. :D
COMING SOON: review on a pair of circle lenses purchased at pink paradise and hopefully my review on 4 amazing and very different hair extension companies.:D SO excited!!
much love guys! 
Princess Mari


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