Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey there frends! <3 Sorry I missed a blog last night i was extremely tired from work and my brain refused to develop any sort of proper thoughts or statements. My blog post would have looked a bit llike this "Hoiryoityoituo94utiot4uoituoi4o4riru9uthjutoiunou5n4fuiy89vyvopyytp" <--- pretty much a bunch of nonsense .
 But any who i am back!!!!!!!!!  and i wanted to first say i hope  you all had a wonderful ,full of love and fun Valentines day !! I shared the love by taking in some cupcakes for all my coworkers. I enjoyed making them so much and enjoyed having people enjoy them just as much ! plus im so proud because i didnt cheat!!!!!!
Honestly , i am so happy with my diet/exercise plan. It doesnt bug me one bit that i cant eat my usual crap because i honestly do not need it!im so determined!!!!!!!!
i got this BRO!
Im so excited i get to go disneyland again tomorrrow! <3 soo excited! and sol ,my baby cousin, is coming! so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
honestly guy today is another im too exhausted to think day.. FUDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Dont hate me.

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