Thursday, July 5, 2012

LIke the flirty fillies :D Rarity cosplay

So this weekend i spend at the Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center. i was lucky enough to attend all four days and got to show case 4 different costumes! Heres my cosplays in order i wore them!
 DAY 1: Poison Ivy Animated series edition

I made the gloves,boots and one piece wit a polyester kelly green fabric from joannes
the tights i found for 5 $ at  body basics store at wesfield santa Anita mall

Day 2: Flirty Fillies
flirty fillies is a my little pony "sexy " cosplay group of 6 girls. We all have a certain pony to cosplay but we are a unite\

my pony was the very very talented and fashionable rarity/

 PLEASE GO to FB amd search flirty fillies. go on our page and like us. & spread the word for supoosting us!
Day 3: ALiCe


PLEASE FEEL FREE TO go on Fb and like the flirty filllies page! Its full of fun and soon maybe even prizes!

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Very first Nail polish Haul EVERRRRRRRR

So as some of you may already have gathered nicel guerra who is writer of two wonderful blogs ( and ) check those out =) is one of my bestest friends! <3 well home girl is kinda obsessed with nail polish. like big time. lol me not so much, i love love love how it looks.. problem i have to practice how to actually apply it without looking a hot mess.. I'm learning . lol
well its nicels birthday tomorrow ( on st.Patty's day) and well we went ahead and had ourselves a "girly" day, we took the trip down to our local nail salon and got our eyebrows did. nicel waxed hers i got mine threaded & the nail ladies realized we lost weight!!!!!!!!! that's some damn exciting news! :D after getting fab eyebrows we went to a nail supply to where for the first time i went kinda crazy with nail polish. and well of course so did nicel. :D I'm so excited!!!!!! my collection is growing more and more! :D hehee
i got nicel a few nail polishes for her birthday! <3 hope she enjoys them!
here's my mini haul GUYS!
Optical Illusion ( ChinaGlaze),Prism (ChinaGlaze),Purple with a Purpose (O.P.I),Sparkle and Soar ( ColorClub),Worth the risque (ColorClub),Holiday Splendor (ColorClub),Cosmetic Shore (Jade)
My NEWEST OBSESSION! Sache Vite Top Coat
I did 2 coats of Holiday Splendor with a 1 coat of Sache on top.

Yes I'm aware my cuticles are covered in polish but guys you must forgive me .. I'm a newbie
I'm Obsessed with this color hehehe! <3

IM so excited to make this collection grow!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! <3
Love you all!
Princess Mari

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My work then and now: why i want to be a beauty blogger

SO i was thinking about it and i realized that i have never shared my background with makeup with you , actually i haven't shared much about me at all . I have decided to show you a bit about what i do and why i started blogging/
I began and decided to do this blog simply because i needed an outlet to all the opinions i have about the world. I get all these thoughts in my head that sometimes never got to be heard. I also was a follower of a few bloggers who inspired me to take the time and share my thoughts, talents and found techniques with the world.
I absolutely love makeup and i love costuming. I grew up with a mother who is a cosmetologist so beauty has always been part of my life. I began to apply makeup at around the age of 15 of course with out my mothers permission and got into various groundings because of it. I just loved how even a simple eyeliner would make your eyes pop. When i started Hs i began to wear it more but it wasn't until college when i purchased my very own brushes,palettes and started my makeup collection. I shortly realized i loved it and that i was pretty good at it. I took a class at pcc with john hanna and i fell in love. I absolutely love the transformation a person can take with just some simple steps and creativity. from then i took his advanced class a semester later and began being his t.a for the years to come. I began to take freelance work and began to develop a portfolio. I also costume and cosplay. I started a small princess entertainment company where we entertain children as well adults at birthday parties,celebrations and events. I Began to study how to apply makeup to look as flawless as possible and also began to construct my own outfits and designs.
Here a few examples of my work:

These are examples of things ive done through the years at different skill levels. :D every one was super amazing and has made me the makeup artist i am today. i am proud of all my work because i worked hard to accomplish it.
My goal in life honestly is to do makeup and costuming for theater. I love the development and putting together of characters.
so now you know: I love me some makeup , some costumes and a whole lot of color! <3
Princess mari