Friday, February 17, 2012

Just one(or 3) of those days... and LIPSTICK REVIEW!

                    Guys can you believe how horrible of a blogger i am ALREADY? lol honestly this is reeedic. I hate hate hate (& what girl doesn't) this time of the month. I absolutely hate that im tired, bloated and that i crave every type of sugar possible! -.- its such a pain. LITERALLY! These cramps are a biiiiitch! :( waaaaaaaaaaaah! And i feel bad because i blew off 3 groups of Lovely friends because my body just cant handle more.Im crampy and tired and Bitchy. How lovely to be a woman! (<-- guess what musical that reminded me of!)
Anyway yesterday was one fun day! i spent the day with my Little cousin Sol and friends Nicel and Ashlers! <3 oh and my tia bertha too. hahaha Sol was too much to handle but we had fun. Shes one strange child! but that only proves shes part of my family! hahaha
Here's so crazy pics!

hahahaha sometimes its too much even for me to handle.
i <3 it!
 On a side note can i just say I absolutely have Fallen in love with a new lipstick!
GUYS,or should i say Girls ? you need to go out and buy one of these

Its Everlasting liquid Love lipstick
and boy is it everlasting! <3 

This amazingly long lasting lip color comes in a .18 oz  size and its applied with a lip gloss applicator.
Application:When applied the color is smooth liquid  (much like a lip gloss)  but after a few minutes it dries with a beautiful matte & velvety  finish. 
A little goes a LONG way!!!
It comes in 6 different shades going from a bright hot pink to a neural rose to the good ol' classic Red.
 ( make sure to test at store if possible , rumors that online swatches sometimes aren't true to the actual color of product)
The two colors i have purchased are Backstage Bambi , A bright and vibrant hot pink Shade and of course  Outlaw , a classic brick red.
Both shades were long lasting, smooth when applied and dried a beautiful matte finish.
Staying Power:This product ,unlike many other "LONG LASTING"  does not Flake or smear at all. It does not leave my lips feeling dry.
I did notice that it does come off a bit when eating but unless you are eating like a pig , it shouldn't be a problem .  I had two meals with both colors and had no problem with having to re apply many many hours later! (I'm talking 8+ hours)
Other long wear proof:  I applied Backstage Bambi at 3 pm one day before work ,it remained fresh until i went hope 7 hours later,I fell asleep wearing it , * DO NOT DO THIS ITS SOOO BAD*,woke up the next morning with bright pink lips 
Today i worked out and sweat like a pig when i was done my lips still looking bright red and cute as i did This morning when i applied it!
 Removal: with a makeup wipe or remover it shouldn't be a problem. :D
 Prep needed ?: i would recommend to scrub and moisturize your lips ,like you should with every lip stick you wear. A nice lip scrub and lip balm should do the trick.
Also recommended although not essential is lining your lips with a similar shade liner or a neutral/nude color.
Packaging: I absolutely love love love Kat's packaging for all her products. ( The usual black with white roses very tattoo style like)
The product comes in a slender tube that is very portable.
The applicator is easy to grab and open but when taking it out it can have a bit of pressure. 
i was being silly with it and alot of the product was lost because of its liquidity form.
CONCLUSION: As you already know! I abosfuckinglutely love this lipstick product. I am obsessed and  i need 8478478474 more because its amazing. THE END
You can purchase  the Everlasting liquid Love lipstick by Kat Von D 
at your nearest Sephora Store.(<--- i recommend you go in and test out the colors on yourself)

Thanks guys! <3 LOVE YOU!


  1. Sol's faces are priceless. Dude. DUDE. your review is epic... I kind of wanna get the lipstick now... and I don't even wear lipstick! haha great job! :)

  2. THANKS GIRLY! let me know what other reviews you will like to see! <3 i open to ideas ! im a neeewbieee hehe
    and sol is the best i must say!

  3. Lovely pictures!

  4. lovely pictures.

    I love your header! gorgeous! x