Sunday, February 12, 2012

I want to be Part Of That World

First i must state how excited i am ! MY hair is red!  and im so effing happy..  you guys know how sometimes you just know something is meant to be? me and red hair = meant to be! <3 it kinda represents who i am! fun & diffrent! haha i love love love it!!!!!!!!!! what i dont love ... STAIRMASTERRRRRR! holy moly it made me wanna cry today! but after it was awesome.. i wanted to go running around and get stuff done! im really really enjoying this healthy lifestyle. so rewarding. :D
 zumba tomorrow.. maybe then ill have something to write about other than how excited i am to be the little mermaid again <3
for now i have nothing else to say except that!

craving a damn turkey burger
 Mariel :D

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