Sunday, March 4, 2012


So I know i wasn't so happy with my weight loss and i had a major rant about how everything sucks yesterday... but honestly i went to bed and i thought about it and although it has been HARD  and i haven't had immediate super fast result. the results I've had have lasted.
Ive gained so much other than a *close* to flat belly.

  1. Ive learned to balance my diet so that i can have 4-5 small meals a day ,with a balance of carbs,sugars and proteins .that will keep me satisfied and healthy.
  2. Ive learned to enjoy "sporting" activities and came to realize that the hardest part is getting off my butt to go do it .
  3. Ive learned that i may not real my goal as quick as i wanted but that i will reach it and ultimately that's what matters.
  4. Ive learned I'm BEAUTIFUL at any size but that doesn't mean I'm Healthy
the list can continue for a long time.. 
but point is i think i have come to the conclusion that i have a new goal now my goal is to stay active & keep a healthy diet , With this i know not only am i doing tons of good to my body for the years to come. like helping my skin age,keeping my muscles strong and active and in the long run setting me up for a better more fit lifestyle for me.
If you think about it 
The hour you hurt being on "STAIRMASTER" doesn't compare to the years you will suffer because you cant go up stair .
or how sad will it be if you aren't fit enough to be able to go running and playing with your child.

I'm glad i started my diet, but most importantly that i decided to follow this type of diet and lifestyle. & even if i don't reach my goal in 5,7,or even 18 weeks its okay because each day i will be closer if i get focused and i will reach it :D.
this was about 2 years now and i was at my heaviest 160 ;/ i  was able to get down to 138
but sadly gained 13 back leaving me at 153. 
oh and btw chk out the progress

now im 143 so that makes it 10 lbs since i started my diet..

slowly  but surely getting there..

makeup tutorial tomorrow? POSSIBLY?
<3 Mari

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  1. Hello :) love your blog and great job on losing weight .. i think u look great already :) hope u can follow back