Friday, March 16, 2012

My Very first Nail polish Haul EVERRRRRRRR

So as some of you may already have gathered nicel guerra who is writer of two wonderful blogs ( and ) check those out =) is one of my bestest friends! <3 well home girl is kinda obsessed with nail polish. like big time. lol me not so much, i love love love how it looks.. problem i have to practice how to actually apply it without looking a hot mess.. I'm learning . lol
well its nicels birthday tomorrow ( on st.Patty's day) and well we went ahead and had ourselves a "girly" day, we took the trip down to our local nail salon and got our eyebrows did. nicel waxed hers i got mine threaded & the nail ladies realized we lost weight!!!!!!!!! that's some damn exciting news! :D after getting fab eyebrows we went to a nail supply to where for the first time i went kinda crazy with nail polish. and well of course so did nicel. :D I'm so excited!!!!!! my collection is growing more and more! :D hehee
i got nicel a few nail polishes for her birthday! <3 hope she enjoys them!
here's my mini haul GUYS!
Optical Illusion ( ChinaGlaze),Prism (ChinaGlaze),Purple with a Purpose (O.P.I),Sparkle and Soar ( ColorClub),Worth the risque (ColorClub),Holiday Splendor (ColorClub),Cosmetic Shore (Jade)
My NEWEST OBSESSION! Sache Vite Top Coat
I did 2 coats of Holiday Splendor with a 1 coat of Sache on top.

Yes I'm aware my cuticles are covered in polish but guys you must forgive me .. I'm a newbie
I'm Obsessed with this color hehehe! <3

IM so excited to make this collection grow!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! <3
Love you all!
Princess Mari

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  1. Welcome to the dark side. Oh, and you're welcome :).