Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My work then and now: why i want to be a beauty blogger

SO i was thinking about it and i realized that i have never shared my background with makeup with you , actually i haven't shared much about me at all . I have decided to show you a bit about what i do and why i started blogging/
I began and decided to do this blog simply because i needed an outlet to all the opinions i have about the world. I get all these thoughts in my head that sometimes never got to be heard. I also was a follower of a few bloggers who inspired me to take the time and share my thoughts, talents and found techniques with the world.
I absolutely love makeup and i love costuming. I grew up with a mother who is a cosmetologist so beauty has always been part of my life. I began to apply makeup at around the age of 15 of course with out my mothers permission and got into various groundings because of it. I just loved how even a simple eyeliner would make your eyes pop. When i started Hs i began to wear it more but it wasn't until college when i purchased my very own brushes,palettes and started my makeup collection. I shortly realized i loved it and that i was pretty good at it. I took a class at pcc with john hanna and i fell in love. I absolutely love the transformation a person can take with just some simple steps and creativity. from then i took his advanced class a semester later and began being his t.a for the years to come. I began to take freelance work and began to develop a portfolio. I also costume and cosplay. I started a small princess entertainment company where we entertain children as well adults at birthday parties,celebrations and events. I Began to study how to apply makeup to look as flawless as possible and also began to construct my own outfits and designs.
Here a few examples of my work:

These are examples of things ive done through the years at different skill levels. :D every one was super amazing and has made me the makeup artist i am today. i am proud of all my work because i worked hard to accomplish it.
My goal in life honestly is to do makeup and costuming for theater. I love the development and putting together of characters.
so now you know: I love me some makeup , some costumes and a whole lot of color! <3
Princess mari

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  1. I love your makeup skills. You are truly talented, friend! :) one day we will both reach our goals of working in theatre! <3 you friend!!